sarah woolley lab

What bird brains can teach us about learning, perception and variability


Sarah C. Woolley, PhD


Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, McGill University

Current Lab Members

PhD Students


Erin Wall, B.A. Florida State University

Developmental influences on female preferences

MSc Students


Helena Barr, B.A. McGill University

Neurochemical modulation of preference formation in zebra finches

Undergraduate Students

Bingyu Sun (Biology Honours Student)

Helen Lai

Therese Koch

Sabrina Hennecke

Thomas Marsh



Yildiz Zengin-Toktas, PhD University of Clermont-Ferrand, France

Graduate Students

Nancy Chen, MSc student 2014-2016

Early song exposure shapes neural responses to courtship song


Hannah Schubloom, MSc student 2012-2014

Neural substrates of pair bonding and song preferences


Bix Watson, Albert Savescu, Oliver Clark, Bix Watson, Albert Savescu, Gabrielle Gionet, Veronica Rally, Lily Su, Vivian Ng, Michele Kim, Katelyn Low, Jeff Kyoung, Meghan Shaw, Gregory Yang Kam Wing, Amine Awad, Sean Lamb, Karen Wang


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